Actualité et mémoire des luttes à Saint-Étienne et ailleurs
Publié le 29 octobre 2004 | Maj le 26 avril 2020

La France Pue / Tranzophobia annoncent : Silence, Gas Chamber Melody et Mary Popperz en concert le Jeudi 04 Novembre 2004 au Kany Kaly (St Etienne)

Surgis des froides cités industrielles polonaises, SILENCE (hardcore lourd) et GAS CHAMBER MELODY (screamo hardcore) seront en concert à St Etienne, pour une soirée placée sous le signe du bruit et de la fureur. MARY POPPERZ, groupe stéphano-quenelle, ouvriront le bal dans un registre résolument noise.

Voici quelques textes ci-dessous issus du EP de SILENCE « Hypnosis » (Trujaca Fala), malheureusement en anglais...
Concert à 20H00 au Kany Kaly, rue de la Richelandière / St Etienne / Paf : $5
ah, et au passage fuck l’anti-deutsche movement (qui par leur bassesse d’esprit forcent des groupes à utiliser des initiales plutôt que leur nom complet...)

Most of the people live their lives in silence. What we hear all around is just « a language of the dead ». A few superficial phrases replace real communication. Busy struggling to survive in the system of God -money they absorb everything without protest. Unconsciousness gives them pleasure. Me it gives pain. One of the most important thing that I look for in Punk movement is this « critical point of view » which is something that herd surrounding us lacks so much.

Does this marvellous, rich « first world » prosper ? Glassy buildings of progress grow - these are only appearances. In reality everything is rotting from inside. It’s hardly noticeable from this perspective because the pressure imposed on us by the herd is huge and corresponds to every aspect of life. Living in this herd we unconsciously take after it features we do not want. It is them who disturb the soberness of our minds. Though we are aware of it we are unable to defeat it and reject it completely. From the day of birth some behaviours, ways of thinking are instilled in us in each second, they create this barrier. They are « the parasite » you cannot get rid of. What is left for us is living according to our own conscience, screaming loudly about what hurts us and not allowing to be drowned in the stinky bog called society. Forever punk !!!

What really is the so-called « independant, alternative scene » ? Is it to be used for creation of a new better reality or is it only a place to fulfill sick ambitions of its particular members ? Some claim that scene is to make the communication between similarly thinking individuals easier, consolidate them and make acting together easier. Does something like this really exist ? The favourite occupation of the particular so-called « crew members » is defining what is « punky » and what isn’t. Some doesn’t like emo, the others crust and some others hate the former and the latter. Scene gurus whose main characteristics are knowing all the answers and only them being right show up everywhere. « Commitment, involvement » of some individuals is at its highest, they listen only to the « committed, involved » bands. But the « engaged » bands have to play a particular kind of music to be accepted by the « involved » sceners. A complete closing in own ghettos took place -separate scenes are being created -punk, hardcore, emo...but it’s not listening to one kind of music is the worst for the scene, much dangerous is a complete lack of understanding between « sceners » -for many the outward appearance and the kind of music listened to are the main markers of another human being, much less is important what the particular person represents with himself. On a « scene » which is to be based on sincerity and not stardom, idols are being created -it can be easily noticed on concerts -members of the popular bands are expected to be respected. A question comes to mind -for what ? For the music or involvement ? Who deserves greater respect, the one who sings about direct actions or the one who takes part in them ? Does someone who sing about killing animals by human beings and in their declarations claim that people should kill animals « in a humanitarian way » deserve respect ? How can one kill « in a humanitarian way » anyway ? It has come to a situation that composing guitar riffs is much more important than the message -so what in such case will distinguish us from the show-business bands ?

Proposé par silvain
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